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Festivals and Events

December 12 to January 13

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Indian Market Location: Pisac and Chinchero - Cusco
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Recommendations for High Season
Recommendations for High Season
We also recommend our select Festivals and Events and Events Calendar, as you will be informed about high season dates when reservations can be difficult to realize due to domestic tourism and can plan your trip with good anticipation.
Perú Language
The official language of Peru is the Spanish, and in the areas where prevail are also the Quechua, Aymara and other aboriginal languages. English is a language that many people linked to the tourism sector dominate, and the tourist operators dominate other foreign languages, as German, French, Italian, Japanese, etc.
Perú Time
The hour in Peru is -5 GMT (UT)
In the whole Peruvian territory rules the same hour, without hour change in any time of the year

Lima, capital of Peru, is located in 77° 07' W, 12º 04' S.
Perú Wheather
Climate seasons, south hemisphere (Peru):

Summer: Dec 22nd. to Mar 21st. Autumn: Mar 22nd. to Jun 21st.
Winter : Jun 22nd. to Sep 22nd.
Spring: Sep 23rd. to Dec 21st.

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Lima is the capital of Peru
It is located
77° 07' W, 12º 04' S.